Real Estate Marketing When You Sell With Lydia

When you list your home for sale, you want the best online marketing exposure to market your home. I have an extensive marketing background. I offer sellers marketing packages for every level of property marketing campaigns. Each type of property offers different challenges in the process

I evaluate your home, neighborhood, goals, property assets and competition. When looking at those factors, I can assess the best approach to get buyers on your doorstep. Ultimately, a productive sale for my clients.

I will feature your home on Trulia, Zillow, REALTOR, Redfin, Facebook, Instagram and more. I put your property in front of local buyers as well as buyers at a distance looking for anything from investment properties, to those relocating into our area.

Not all properties listed for sale require the same marketing approach. The online marketing expose is about the same. The type of digital media we present may vary. I do cover the marketing campaign with my sellers to ensure they are pleased with the results.

Here is an example of high end marketing for Luxury Homes & Estates which requires a varied campaign approach. You want your home showcased as well as presented dynamically to buyers online. We offer 3D Showcase virtual tours that give buyers a look inside your home that feel just the same as if they were standing right there. I offer similar packages for everyone and every home I sell.